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Round up of Dr Shomali's trip to Scotland (Special Interfaith Edition issue 65 March 2019)

Originally published on issue 55 Januarry 2018

A day after coming back to London I went to Scotland on the 2nd Nov. We went directly to Al Furqan mosque in Glasgow. We had a Sunni-Shi‘a dialogue programme which concluded with issuing of joint resolutions. It was a very constructive session organised by several organisations, including Muslim Council of Scotland, Ahl ul Bayt Society of Glasgow, Minaj al-Qur’an International and The Islamic Centre of England. This was reported also by some Asian media in the Urdu language. Some of the attendees had previously come to Iran through an invitation by the Islamic Centre of England.

In the same evening, I spoke at the 4th Annual Peace and Unity Conference organised by Ahl ul Bayt society of Glasgow. This was held at the Glasgow City Chambers. The First Minister of Scotland Nicola Sturgeon was in attendance as well as representatives from other parties and different Shi‘a, Sunni and Christian organisations. The topic of this year event was ‘The Rights of Children’. Well received speeches discussed many issues related to Children’s safety and rights.

On Friday we had a dialogue session at Jesuits’ Ignatian Spirituality Centre in Glasgow. This was a Muslim / Catholic Christian event. The Archbishop Emeritus Mario Conti, Chair of the Bishops’ Conference’s Committee for Interreligious Dialogue, was also present and chaired the meeting. In the evening I led a programme in Edinburgh for the Shi‘a Muslim community.

Islam Today issue 65 (Special Issue) is dedicated to the interfaith work undertaken by the Islamic Centre of England over the past few years. Download the full pdf here:

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