The wonders of the Creation

Children Corner - Illustration by Ghazaleh Kamrani

Following on the teachings of Imam Ali(a) from his sermons on the creation of Moon, Sun, Earth and of small creatures such as ants and locusts, Imam Ali now moves on to describing birds.
He remarks how the birds are so amazingly subject to God’s commands. “God knows the number of their feathers…He has made their feet capable of standing on water and land… God knows all their different species.” And then he names them; the crow, the eagle, the pigeon, the ostrich…

In sermon 165 of the book Nahjul Balagha he talks about one of the most amazing wonders of the Creation, the Peacock. The Imam states that the Peacock is created in the finest and best form. Its colourful feathers and its long tail are arranged in total harmony, and the creation of the peacock is “an example of God’s delicate product, and marvel of His creation.”
Imam then refers to another of God’s creatures that manifests His deep Wisdom, the bat. He refers to an animal that is the opposite most beings in that it becomes active during the night and rests during the day. The bat has such weak eyesight that it can’t stand the day light. Although daylight brings everything to life, the bat is designed to sleep during the day and becomes lively during the night. Imam Ali(a) sees the grand work of God in the creation of bats.
In sermon 109, he tells us how God is aware of all the actions of His creation, animals and humans alike. He knows what we do, what our intentions are; He knows things about us that even the closest person to us does not know. He is aware of the movements of fish in big oceans, the noise of the waves and the heavy winds.
He knows what we do in private; he knows our good actions and bad and sinful ones. We are all His creatures and surrender to Him. Everything exists by Him. He is the reason and the aim, beginning and the end. He gives and takes. He is our strength when we are weak and down and He is our comfort when we lose someone. When we talk He listens, when we think He hears, even when we are silent. And we all go back to him.
We will bring you more about our world and God’s Creations through lessons of Imam Ali in forthcoming issues.

Illustration by Ghazaleh Kamrani

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