The Statement of the Islamic Centre of England after the Saudi’s unjust execution of martyr Sheikh Nimr Baqir al Nimr

In the Name of God the Merciful and the most Merciful
“God does not like the broadcasting of anyone’s evil conduct in speech except by someone who has wronged and God is all- hearing, all-knowing.” (4:148)

The news of the martyrdom of Hujjat al Islam wa al Muslamin Sheikh Nimr Baqir al Nimr was of great impact upon the hearts of freedom loving individuals and it also wounded all those hearts which care for Islam and desire Islamic Unity.
Although the method of his imprisonment and the way his case was attended by Saudi Arabia indicated that there would be a tragic end for this case, still no one expected such cruelty taking place in the month of Rabi which contains the birth of the Prophet of Islam, the Mercy to Mankind, when sincere Muslims try to bring Muslim denominations closer to each other and to introduce the merciful nature of Islam.
The Islamic ummah today is in more great need of unity than any other time vis-à-vis external or foreign conspiracies and from the internal takfiri groups that shatters this ummah within, without having mercy upon the big or small. Does the rulers of Saudi have no priority other than bombing the oppress people of Yemen, sending troops to crush the uprising for reforms in Bahrain, and to execute those who are committed to the peaceful opposition of them?
Does it not occur that God, the Prophet and the believers abhor this type of behaviour? Does the Qur’an not say: “And say, go on working: God will see your conduct, and His Apostle and the faithful as well”? (11:105).

The Islamic Centre of England condemns the execution of Shahid Hujjat al Islam wa Al Muslamin Sheikh Nimr Baqir al Nimr carried by Saudi Arabia. Furthermore, it demands that the Saudi leadership invest in the reform and betterment of the Islamic Nation rather than focusing upon sectarian and tribal interests. Intellect and extensive experience have proven that: “kufr (infidelity) can last but not oppression”.

Islamic Centre of England

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