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Ilm Festival - Kuala Lumpur

“The arts are often neglected in society, people perceive them as a waste of time, but this has to change, we know that the arts are vital to inspiring future generations in both civic engagement and expression that catalyses societal discourses” – Mohammed Ali

Ilm is the Arabic word for ‘knowledge’ as well as an acronym for ‘I love Muhammad’. Ilm Festival will be celebrating the transformative power of faith-inspired creativity. The event will present 25 international artists ranging from artists such as Mohammed Ali (also co-curator of the festival), photographer Peter Sanders and comedian Omar Regan, bringing together a variety of artistic expressions from performance art and nasheeds to Islamic comedy and the physically challenging parkour.

The event will take place on 30th August 2015 in a 13,000 seater audi­torium and is documented as one of the largest gatherings of Muslim artists from around the world that share a common artistic thread shaped around their shared faith.


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