The Holy Fasting Month

by sister A Abrahamsen

In the name of God the compassionate the Merciful

The Holy Fasting Month
Blessed Ramadhan of the Faithful

With Mystic Eye turned inward
Gazing upon
All that is Beauty

The Abundance of Our
Lord Most High
Descending upon Those
in Prostration

Its fragrant petals

Day by Day
Moment by moment
Prayer-time by prayer time

In our ecstasy, we
Barely even can
Take leave of our praise
And adoration of You, O Lord!

Most Magnificent, Most Powerful
Most Praiseworthy
Sweetness, Bliss, and Light upon Light

To return, earthly existence
Calling! The Fast time
Approacheth! Finish the
Body’s nourishment

While the Heart calls
Return! Return!
Dwell with Me
In Timeless Ecstasy!

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