The Creation

Children Corner - Illustration by Ghazaleh Kamrani

As you may know Imam Ali ibn Abi Taleb(a) was the cousin of the Prophet Muhammad(s) and his successor and the first Imam of Shi‘a Muslims. He was taught by the Prophet himself. His words and teachings, together with his advice to his followers have been so wonderful and educational that a learned man called Al-Radi collected his speeches in a book called Nahj ul Balagha, so we can all read and learn from it.

Here we will be remembering some of his words and share his knowledge, Imam Ali(a) starts with praising God and recognising His greatness. He mentions that God created the universe with no help or any model.  Then God put an order into everything. Everything in the universe should work properly and God has seen to it that this happens.



Imam Ali asks to look around us. The planet we live on rests and stands on nothing and this is all God’s doing. Imam Ali mentions the wind. When it is windy and there are clouds, God moves them around with the wind;otherwise we would not have fresh air or rain.

He refers to the beauty of the sky at night.  You see shiny stars in the darkest of the sky.  Stars shine beautifully as if they are a string of lights decorating the sky.

Have you ever thought if we did not have the Sun and its bright light, if we did not have the Moon to turn around it what would happen? Imam Ali reminds us that the Moon and the Earth circling around the Sun give us days and nights, months and years. This helps us to know how old we are and recognise the passing of our lives.

He also tells us about the days and nights. When the light of the day goes and the dark of the night comes, the stars shine although it is dark. That is because they reflect the light of the Sun, although we don’t see it.

He eagerly asks us to look closer to the plants, trees, water, stones and mountains. Water; which we cannot live without, and we have oceans full of it. He explains the role of mountains; which are like poles keeping the Earth.  He then praises God for all His beautiful creation.


All these elements are signs of God, His creations. They are all created for us, so we can understand and appreciate His greatness

Next time you go outside count as many elements of His creation as you can find. You will be surprised by your findings, and you will find out how much work has gone into God’s creation.

Ghazaleh Kamrani


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