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Anew year encourages a new outlook and fresh approach to life. And we hope that these pages will encourage you to take a new approach to Art; to engage,
be inspired and feel enriched by the wealth of art and creativity which surrounds us in our daily lives.

Mihrab Project
Our Arts Editor, Moriam Grillo, has been writing for Islam Today since its inception in 2012. As an artist in her own right, Moriam recently won a Brighter
Futures award for a commission at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham. The finished work of art is a mihrab or prayer niche situated in
the prayer room within the hospital’s Faith Centre. This unique project involved creating ceramic tiles which members of the local community decorated in a
variety of colours. These tiles were then mounted in an oak casing constructed by master carpenter Yunus Varsani who also installed the work.
Tahereh Shafiee congratulate her on her latest achievement. “I am honoured to have been able to take part in such a special project. It beautifully combined two subjects which are very close to my heart: faith and creativity.”, said Grillo.

How does it do this?
The finished work contains 1,321 tiles glazed by members of the public. Before painting the tiles, each person made a dua (prayer) for healing. Meaning that
this spiritual artwork will stand as constant reminder of the faith, love and support offered to all.

Why did you choose to pursue Art?
Quite simply, because it offered me a halal lifestyle. The chance to reflect upon my spiritual journey whilst using it as a means of expression.

Why is Art important?
Art is probably the only subject that is not taught and relies on unfoldment to take place. By that I mean the gradual revelation or disclosure of what lies within us. If you give five people the same materials to create something of their own choosing, each result will be unique. That’s because artistic endeavour is fuelled by imagination and creativity. Art is important because it engages these two much underestimated faculties.



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