Revd.Frank Gelli

Pope Francis warns against Nuclear War

There is a small card that Pope Francis distributed around the Vatican over Christmas. It shows a small Japanese child carrying his dead brother on his back. ‘The fruits of

The Gospel of Jesus’ Wife

Did Jesus have a wife? Five years ago a tiny papyrus scrap in the Coptic language appeared to suggest he did. It bore the incomplete words: ‘Jesus said to them, my

‘Turn the other cheek’

Philip Benizi (1233-1285) was a memorable person, for at least two good reasons. First, when Pope Clement IV died and the Cardinals proposed Philip as a candidate, out of a

Battle of Karbala

by Reverend Frank Julian Gelli   “Father, the angels cried when Imam Husayn was killed!’ a devout Muslim named Hasan told me in Beirut. ‘It was the fulfilment
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