The Vikings and the Muslims

Last month saw the fascinating claim by Annika Larsson of Uppsala University in Sweden that patterns thought to be Viking on funeral clothing could be Kufic inscriptions

Recognising Other-ism

The noun ‘Orientalism’ describes a whole edifice erected by the West with the express purpose of creating ‘images of the Other’ who, in turn, ‘Help […] to

Allamah Tabatab’i Award (ATAward)

In this day and age education level of the young members of the community has crucial and decisive role for the future of that community and society. In order to succeed in

Art – Sound

“Some days you want to be in the world, but can’t quite seemingly be part of its cruelty and injustices. Crowded with strangers, you look for external archi­tectures of

The Travel of the believers

  I take off at every opportunity I can, be it with family, friends or alone, exploring, photographing and documenting interesting stuff in exotic destinations and
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