Laleh Lohrasbi

Magnesium; Invisible deficiency

Magnesium is the second most important essential minerals for humans. Magnesium is needed for more than 300 biochemical reactions in the body. Without magnesium we could

Navigating the world in the dark

Tlind people face lots of challenges coping with daily life. However, despite the challenges, now blind people can read, get educated, browse the internet and have access to

Children Corner

Ali Abbas is only ten. As a Muslim boy he has decided to start praying as Muslims do, to get into the habit of performing his Islamic rituals from an early age. But there is

Global Warming and human health

Global warming is a relatively new phenomenon and often in the headlines. It is regarded as one of the most serious environmental problems of our time and has attracted the

The menace of plastic

We have heard a lot about the harm of using plastic containers and that they can contaminate our food by releasing toxic materials, but most of us do not know why these

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)

Many years ago in London,  I came across an Egyptian  medical student. While I  was dreading the coming  of the British winter, for Mariam who  came from a country with

Treating Prostate Cancer

When for the first time on 27th April 2015 the news of developing innovative 3D-printed shields for prostate cancer radiotherapy was published on the internet, the importance
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