Water & Roses for Imam Husayn(a)

While thousands of Muslims marched through London and different parts of Europe to protest against ISIS and terrorism and to commemorate the event of Karbala on the Day of

Reflections on the pilgrimage of love

Physically exhausting, yet spiritually uplifting, are the  words to describe the anniversary of 40 days after  the martyrdom of Imam Husayn(a) – the Arbaeen. I 

Muharram from the eye of a new Muslim

I didn’t have a clue what my fellow sisters were talking about. Still, from my basic reading, I did understand that the tragedy of Karbala had happened in the month of

Ashura and its relevance today

In the present Islamophobic social and political climate, at a time when extremist Muslim acts of terror and bloodshed dominate the news, many Shias feel fear or nervousness

Battle of Karbala

by Reverend Frank Julian Gelli   “Father, the angels cried when Imam Husayn was killed!’ a devout Muslim named Hasan told me in Beirut. ‘It was the fulfilment
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