Pope Francis and order of sainthood

It was said that Pope John Paul II of blessed memory was responsible for creating a ‘saint factory’, meaning that he created more official saints than all of the previous

Ramon Lull: The wise man from Majorca

Tresent-day package tour visitors to the pleasurable Balearic island of Majorca may find a passing, perfunctory reference to Ramon Lull in their guide books. My own


Art meets Interfaith It’s been a very busy summer for me, with Islamic geometric designs taking centre stage in my work. I’m currently working with the Luton

‘Turn the other cheek’

Philip Benizi (1233-1285) was a memorable person, for at least two good reasons. First, when Pope Clement IV died and the Cardinals proposed Philip as a candidate, out of a

Looking for God

If there is such a thing as a stereotypical Muslim look, 50-year-old Ian Benouis doesn’t have it. On the day we sat down for an interview outside of a mosque in his
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