Imam Husayn

Insight into Imam Husayn’s struggle

Every year millions of Muslims commemorate the sacrifice of Imam Husayn Ibn Ali(a), the grandson of the Prophet(s) in Karbala during the month of Muharram. The story of his

Imam Ali(a); a Loving Father

On Eid al-Ghadir we celebrate the appointment of Imam Ali(a) as the successor to Prophet Muhammad(s). Imam Ali(a) was undoubtedly the greatest servant of God after the Holy

Karbala:From history to epic

“Surely, there is a burning heat in the hearts of the believers with respect to the killing of Husayn that will never cool down!’ Imam Ja`far al-Sadiq(a) Every year

Believing in true heroes

There is a lot that can be said of a society by looking at their heroes and role models. We could almost say ‘tell me who your role model is and I’ll tell you who you

In consideration of our worldview

The desire to live a virtuous life is central to the belief system of many religions. While the body of religious dos and don’ts offer the foundations for social
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