Children Corner

Dear Children, Assalam Alaikum This year the beginning of the Islamic month of Dul Hajj will fall around the 23rd of August. This is a very exciting month for Muslims,


Heavenly and earthly struggle This month we look forward to the month of Hajj by looking at art that has recorded creative expressions of this momentous experience. We also

The Ka‘ba; Centre of Spiritual Energy

During the month of Ramadan we had the opportunity to recite many supplications requesting God to grant us the possibility of performing the sacred Hajj-pilgrimage to Makkah

Journeying to God

In some time and place, a man dons a clean, simple travelling robe. He gathers his provisions for the road together in a backpack and bids farewell to his family, knowing

Hajj Exhibition

24- 31 August 2015 In preparation for the pilgrimage to the Holy City of Makkah Islamic Centre of England is holding an exhibition to explain the rules of Hajj Please follow

The Travel of the believers

  I take off at every opportunity I can, be it with family, friends or alone, exploring, photographing and documenting interesting stuff in exotic destinations and
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