Children Corner

Dear Children, Assalam Alaikum This year the beginning of the Islamic month of Dul Hajj will fall around the 23rd of August. This is a very exciting month for Muslims, [...]


Heavenly and earthly struggle This month we look forward to the month of Hajj by looking at art that has recorded creative expressions of this momentous experience. We also [...]

Journeying to God

In some time and place, a man dons a clean, simple travelling robe. He gathers his provisions for the road together in a backpack and bids farewell to his family, knowing [...]

Hajj Exhibition

24- 31 August 2015 In preparation for the pilgrimage to the Holy City of Makkah Islamic Centre of England is holding an exhibition to explain the rules of Hajj Please follow [...]

The Travel of the believers

  I take off at every opportunity I can, be it with family, friends or alone, exploring, photographing and documenting interesting stuff in exotic destinations and [...]

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