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Children Corner

Dear Children, Assalam Alaikum I hope you’ve had a lovely summer holiday and are ready to go back to school. It was a long holiday and some children might find it difficult [...]

Children Corner

Dear Children, Assalam Alaikum. I hope you are having a lovely summer holiday and enjoying your days along with your families and taking advantage of the hot weather. [...]

Children Corner

Children do you remember Ali Akbar? Ali Akbar is a 7 year old boy, trying to be a good person. But he sometimes gets bored and tired of being a good boy. Or at least this is [...]

Children Corner

Anbar is only seven. As a Muslim girl she has decided to start praying as Muslims do, to get into the habit of performing her Islamic rituals from an early age. But there is [...]

Little Camel Boy

Little Camel boy Curious little Camel asks questions from his mother. She answers all the question. It is his last question that leaves his mother speechless!   [...]

‘The Walnut Pastry’

Once upon a time, there was a small hut in the middle of a vast valley. In it lived a farmer, his wife, their two sons, daughter, and outside, a couple of chickens and a [...]

Can you find it

Can you find the following words in the cube below…. come on … give it a try MEKKA, MOSQUE, MUSLIM, PRAYER, PROPHET   I S J P K M T R E Y A R P P M C I S Y I E U [...]
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