Abbas Di Palma

Dreams; between reality and illusion

Studying human potentialities and capabilities is not an easy task. The human being is a very complex creature: from his physical abilities to his power of thought and his


One of the significant aspects of a faithful life is the remembrance of God. Remembering God by heart and tongue is what has been defined as remembrance or ‘dhikr’ in

“To know Me is to worship Me”

Aod’s creation is marvelous. Water, minerals, plants, sky, mountains, rivers are all part of a whole and unique system in which we live in. According to a religious

Understanding the ‘Great Struggle’

In a noble tradition it has been reported: “Indeed the Prophet sent out a battalion and when they returned he said: “Welcome to people who returned from the minor

Repentance: the premise of all worships

Repentance is a key concept in all monotheistic religions and all Abrahamic faiths have stressed its religious importance. On the contrary, other religions do not emphasise

The Prophets’MIRACLES

One of the most interesting questions related to theological affairs is to do with the nature and scope of miracles.  Miracles are a mysterious but fascinating

An Islamic perspective on Cremation

Cremation is an ancient practice involving the reduction of a dead body to ashes by fire. It has been a common practice in Hindu culture for centuries as well in other
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