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The relationship between art and the religion in Islam has been a complex one down the centuries. Such a wealthy variety of expressions and tendencies can be viewed as a

Faith vs Renunciation

It is part of the creed of faithful individuals to believe that God is Omnipotent, Just and Merciful. These three divine qualities are seemingly difficult to understand in

Spiritual Education

When a person looks for information on conception and pregnancy, he/she will find lot of material about the time to start taking folic acid, what to eat and what not to eat

The danger of socialising the religion

Religion is a spiritual attitude and a way of life adorned by voluntary surrender, faith and piety. Social life also is part of human life and therefore religion endorses it

Spirituality VS psychotherapy

One cannot deny the benefits that a person can obtain by consulting a professional psychiatrist but one should underline the difference between the spiritual aspects of our

Insight into Imam Husayn’s struggle

Every year millions of Muslims commemorate the sacrifice of Imam Husayn Ibn Ali(a), the grandson of the Prophet(s) in Karbala during the month of Muharram. The story of his
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