Summer Camp

Children Corner by Ghazaleh Kamrani

Dear Children Assalum un Alaikum

Have you had a joyful summer? What activities did you take up? Did you go outside to nature? We hope you had a lovely summer and now are ready to go back to school.

During the summer holiday, some children go to the summer camps. There

are a number of Muslim Scout groups who arrange outing trips in some parks special for camping. In these camps, children get to do all sorts of interesting things besides playing all many games. Children are thought to be adventurous, how to put up a tent, fish or even make a fire.There are many such organisations with whom you can enjoy such activities. If you have not gone to one of these camps yet, look out for them and see when their next outside activity is.Besides the fun things, children learn how to be responsible towards nature too. It is all good to enjoy the nature, but we have to look after it too. For example making a fire to cook the fish you just fished out of the river, or boil the kettle for a nice cup of tea, is not without its dangers. That is why you need a proper instructor or an adult supervision.

Ghazaleh Kamrani our illustrator has demonstrated one of these camps. She has left five differences between images 1 and 2 for you to find. Afterwards, you can look at image 3 to check if you have identified all of them. Enjoy!

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