Reflections on Peace and Submission

“… become content with the will of your Lord”

Sometimes the most profound experiences in life take place after the most challenging of times. Things don’t make sense because most of the time we want life to fit our expectations. After a while, we come to face the reality that tells us it’s harder to take a boat upstream than let it glide downstream.

Ask yourself, how bad do you want something? Once you have figured out what it is, start working towards it. Achievers talk less and do more. Make a decision and then watch a shift in your focus. Imagine and dream that one day you can hold it in your hands. It won’t be a very smooth ride though. The trick is to master the art of converting adversities into opportunities. Once you figure out how to do that you will never go bust for the rest of your life. No one is completely left on their own in this test of life. Help comes along the way in form of people, events or places. You just need to pay attention because someone has been by your side all along.

Accept what’s happening as it is. If you find an element of fun in what you do then all fears and insecurities will leave you. You will find yourself connected with the flow of life. You will feel at home and in harmony with everything. No one said it would be easy to reach a place of contentment but it’s there for you to grab and nothing is impossible in front of human determination. When failure strikes know that there is nothing for you to hold onto here. Those before you couldn’t take anything with them and one day your moment of passing will arrive. So don’t stress if you feel like you are losing your grip here. Eternity exists in your soul, not for your physical body, so best to feed your soul and not worry too much about material gains. Most material objects are stardust that is molecules and particles joined together. Focus your curiosity on that energy which is holding these particles together.

Complete submission arrives when you let go completely in hard times and focus your energy on what you have. There is no way you can fight the will of God. I see people in a race every day trying to beat each other. Are they chasing a fake sense of achievement?  As a wise man once put it beautifully ‘experience of life is a mere bridge we are crossing over to get to the other side’. You cannot build anything long lasting on this bridge of life. Do you want to cut a deal or do you want to do the right thing out of love? ‘There are three kinds of people, the first who cuts a deal with God and does well for the return of good, the second type who does well out of fear of punishment or disappointment, and finally a free person who does well out of love without any expectation of return or selfish gains.’ (Quote from Imam Ali(a))

Divine individuals in the past separated themselves from their selfish egos. They went far beyond this material world and became one with the higher energy. They mastered the art of life. You too should not lose this connection with reality. Be part of life yet be separate from its vices. You will then begin to realise that love, joy and peace have been around you all along. Don’t become a slave to anyone or anything. What’s yours will find you one day. Give back to humanity as much as possible so that one day when you leave this world you leave with ease.

If you feel stuck in one place today then focus your energy on going inside yourself to search for answers. Most pain and suffering is self-inflicted. It starts from a place of failure where your expectations weren’t met by this world. You find yourself falling from grace suddenly. Everything you thought that used to make sense doesn’t feel right. Your mind starts making hasty decisions to stay in the race of life. Life is nothing but an experience. True happiness and peace come from a place deep within a person where they no longer run after anything. They reach a point of contentment where all that is happening is accepted by them. They get so lost and consumed with chasing something that it becomes necessary for the universe to inflict them with some form of a disappointment so they can see the real picture. It’s like making a runner run without water. Finally, this runner gives up and collapses. When you put all your trust and faith in God you will see that all matters of life not only start making sense but you slowly start finding your way back to a place of contentment.

Today might not be that day for you and perhaps you will chase more after what you desire but finally, you will come to a stop to catch your breath. It will be in moments like this where true self-discovery will take place and patience will gradually come. You will not only stop chasing after this world but you will also slow down to truly appreciate the gift of life.

Give back to this world as much as you can and know that the One who created you looks after you even in your sleep. He is with those reflective individuals who remain patient in all trials and tribulations. Life is beautiful for those who ponder and keep their hopes alive. They have given up on building a castle in this world, instead their eyes are fixed on the other side. Their hearts have found peace with the light of God. There are no mistakes in life only lessons for us to grow and polish our inner selves. Say goodbye to your own fragile power and make way for the power and forces of God. Wait for moments of self-discovery for they hold secrets to understanding what’s hidden deep inside you.

Nadia Jamil is a freelance writer


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