Pre-Ramadan religious scholars’ meeting

Shia scholars from across the UK meet at the Islamic Centre in the customary pre – Month of Ramadan meeting. The objective of these meetings is for scholars and community preachers to discuss the most pressing issues faced by the congregations and to set guideline on topic to be discussed during lectures and talks given throughout the month of Ramadan.
In this year event for the first time after the welcoming speech by Hujjatul-Islam Dr Shomali the participants were divided into three special committees in three different languages. One committee discussed the importance and methodologies of interfaith. Hujjatul Islam Dr Shomali gave the main presentation. A second committee was set to discuss legal issue related to Islamic centres and mosque in relation to regulations and new political development. A third commission discussed various suggestions for topic to be covered by speakers in lectures during the month of Ramadan.

A number of scholars provided reports and presentations. Spokesmen for each committee addressed the participants after they all reconvened in the main hall to discuss the outcome of each committee.

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