Ali, the epitome of excellence

Poem by Ruhi Rizvi

Ali, the grandeur of excellence,

a celebrated peak of eloquence.

Magnanimous encounter of the world meets a light proclaimed.

Blessed Kaaba receiving your entity at Allah’s will you’re named.

Walls heeding order, by The Lord of Kaaba they split open to let

Fatima Binte Asad in to greet, a luminous life beholding concept.

Honour of Islam upheld by strength and valour beautifying Allah’s might.

Showering mankind, the angels heralding and cherishing, this wonderful sight.

Nourishing nafs of truth, confronted enmity, through battles you won

Khyber awakened by grasp of yours victory, o beloved one.

A dhulfiqar attuned to your might, unleashing the sword wielded,

a Fatah for all, relentless efforts put forward for humanity yielded.

Humbling persona treading gently into nights,

charitable endorsement of need Capturing hearts,

you endeared homeless and poor, many to feed.

Orphans cherishing Moments of worth given, Witnessing a Selfless Ali

Love, you taught us, opposing the tyrants and challenging gracefully.

As sun you shone in hearts of devoted, faithful companions you made,

An Ashtari craving kinship loyal with you, a sacrifice for Allah obeyed.

Hearts of Najaf enlightened presence yours now in glorious shrine,

From afar come forth lovers, entering the gate to city of sublime.



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