One World, One Planet

Children Corner by Ghazaleh Kamrani

Animal extinction

Day by day, the world’s population increases. All these people need somewhere to live! Therefore, human beings have moved into wild places where only plants and animals used to live.
Our jungles and forests are being destroyed and turned into bare land with rows of houses and shops for the convenience of humans.
When people take over new land, plants and animals in that area are endangered. Since no place is left for them to live and raise their families, these animals can die. Sometimes all of one type of animal dies and their whole  race disappear forever! This is called going extinct.
There used to be many plants and animals in nature, but because people did not take care of nature and misused it, these animals are now extinct.
Elephants, deer, giraffes and other wild animals face this sad future if we don’t take care of the environment where they live. Our responsibility on this planet is to keep it alive, fresh and healthy so that the millions of wonderful creatures living on it can continue to live happily.


Air pollution
The air on our planet Earth used to be clean, pure and healthy almost everywhere.
But, about 150 years ago, people began to build factories and, then, cars, and the air became polluted. People did not know about pollution then, and it was a big surprise.

Today, the air in some cities is so polluted that you can barely breathe. In these cities, the air is covered by a thick fog of smoke and dust called smog. The blue sky has turned brown.
Polluted air is not only dangerous for people and animals, but also for plants. Sometimes the pollution affects the plants that we grow for food and eat.
We need to change how we are living to help clean and purify our air!
We can all do things to help purify the air. We can plant trees, ride a bicycle instead of driving a car, and read books to learn how to help keep the air clean for ourselves and the future generations. Each one of you can make a difference!

Illustration by Ghazaleh Kamrani

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