New Muslims and Born Muslims: A question of identity


‘Identity and Community’

We hear these words a great deal nowadays.    What is my identity? Who am I? What do I believe? Which way of life should I follow? Where do    I fit in? Where is my community?

As people striving to be true followers of the Ahlul Bayt (a) we have the best examples to follow    and the best way of life to emulate.

As Imam Ali (a) says:


examplequoteLook at the people of the Prophet’s family. Adhere to their direction. Follow their footsteps        because they would never let you out of guidance and never throw you into destruction. If they  sit down, you sit down, and if they rise up, you rise up. Do not go ahead of them, as you would  thereby go astray and go not lag behind them as you would thereby be ruined.”
Extract from Nahjul Balaghah. Sermon 97.

However the question then arises about how we form our identity in today’s modern world whilst    remaining true to our beliefs and loyal to our leaders.

Furthermore, as we are preparing the ground for the rise of Imam al Mahdi (atf) by serving him    both before and after his rise, then what is our community supposed to be like, what is its    purpose, how do we establish and maintain it both locally and globally?

As Allah (swt) says in the Holy Qur’an:

examplequoteThere has to be a nation among you summoning to the good, bidding what is right and    forbidding what is wrong. It is they who are felicitous.”    3:104

The proper formation and subsequent flourishing of our identity and of our community go hand    in hand. Without individuals who have correct beliefs, ethics, aims and direction in life, we    cannot form the best kind of communities which will benefit all their members. However we need    well functioning communities to support their members, both spiritually and materially, in their    journey through this life.

Moreover, if we are going to spread the message of the Ahlul Bayt (a) in a wise and attractive    way, we need to be modelling the true identity of their followers as individuals and    demonstrating a real community of the Mahdi (atf) in concrete ways so that people can witness    and experience living examples in front of them. After all, actions speak louder than words.

As we read in the Holy Qur’an:

examplequoteThus We have made you a middle nation that you may be witnesses to the people and that the    Apostle may be a witness to you.” 2:143

With these pressing issues in mind, we are organising a one day conference on the 6th    September 2015 under the title of:

New Muslims and Born Muslims: A Question of Identity and Community Spirit.’

To start with, the event will seek to define and address firstly Muslim identity and secondly    community spirit according to the school of the Ahlul Bayt (a). Then we will unearth the    challenges we face to both and propose solutions to these challenges. Finally we will discuss    the way forward and draw up action plans and projects as deemed necessary by the    participants.

The aim of the conference is to initially serve as a platform for engaging and uniting    knowledgeable, experienced and likeminded individuals in sharing their ideas and visions,    bringing faith and knowledge together, which will then inshaAllah become a launching pad for    concrete action plans and future projects to take off. These projects will inshaAllah    drive forward the necessary change and growth in ourselves and in our community which need to be    carried out for the sake of Allah swt to hasten the rise of Imam al Mahdi (a).

The weekend will consist of keynote speeches and extensive use of workshops. There will be    time for networking and interested groups or organisations will have a chance to showcase their    work.

Will you join us?

For more information and registration (pre-registration essential as no registration on the day)  please visit our facebook event page:

RMA UK 2015 Conference Team

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