MSEN 2nd Annual Presentation Day 2016

MSEN held its 2nd annual presentation day in late April at the Islamic Centre of England in Maida Vale London.

The event was well attended by over 400 madrasa children, parents, teachers and honourable scholars from all over the UK representing 11 Shia Islamic Centres/ImamBargah.

The APD event was managed professionally by MSEN (Muslim School Education Network). The purpose of the event is to provide a national platform for children to creatively perform, gain confidence and motivation from others and importantly, build networks, friendship and unity with all.

The event had everything from beautiful Nasheeds, Quranic recitations, creative comedy sketches, to a very physical display of self-defence! The audience had a great time, with a lot of happiness, laughter and appreciation evident throughout the day.

The performances were very well-prepared and everyone enjoyed them all.

MSEN partner Schools teams who performed on the day were:

  • Educational Institute of Islamic Centre of England
  • Masjid-e-Ali Education Centre Luton
  • Hussaini Islamic Mission Hunslow
  • MCE Quran Madressa Ilford
  • Imamia Mission London
  • Ahlul Bayt School East London
  • Idara-e-Jaffariya London
  • PreHowza London
  • Islamic Republic of Iran School London
  • Hidayah Youth Sakina Trust East London
  • Zainbiya Islamic School Reading

After the performances an awards ceremony was held in which the extraordinary efforts of some teachers were recognised.

The welcome speech was delivered by the President of MSEN Dr Azhar Hassan Raza. Dr Azhar discussed the MSEN roadmap and its future plans.The guest speaker was the honourable Shiekh Dr Mohammad Ali Shomali who discussed the rights of the students over the teacher and vice versa. It was a fascinating speech inspiring all teachers, parents and students present.The closing speech was delivered by Sheikh Isa Jahangir – Head of Islamic College for Advanced Studies.

In his talk Jahangir thanked parents, teachers and all teams for their hard work to make the event successful.

One exciting feature of this year’s APD event was the exhibitions set up by five schools;

-Islamic Centre of England (Theme: Imam Zaman(aj) and Qur’an)

-MCE Qur’an Madressa      (Theme: Chapter Al-Feel [The Elephant])

-MAEC Luton                 (Theme: Qur’an & Imam Ali (a))

-Hussaini Islamic Mission

-Ahlul Bayt

The planning for this event started back in January 2016, in close collaboration with the Islamic Centre of England team. Hours of meetings, discussions and preparations went into its organisation.

According to the result of feedback forms the event scored 86% satisfaction, which represents a great result.

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