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People are going to be running late,” said one of the organisers “whatever background we are, be it Arabian, Iranian, or Asian, were always late”; one characteristic the Asian and Middle Eastern communities are united in. On the 15th of January however, the Muslim communities all gathered, before the set time, hundreds of men and women from various ethnic backgrounds gathered at 6:30pm in SOAS – Univeresity of London, attending the “Call for Solidarity” event, organised by   “Love Muhammad”.

Love Muhammad prepared a special evening with renowned guests and performers to celebrate the beloved Messenger’s birth and his unifying message for all people and all times, as the holy book of Islam stated: “And hold fast, all together, by the rope which Allah (stretches out for you), and be not divided among yourselves.” (3:103)
The Love Muhammad campaign began in 2013 aiming to bring all Muslims from all Islamic sects and communities together, all under one commonality and under the principle of our beloved Muhammad(s), the final messenger and the prophet of Mercy.
Sheikh Mohammed Shomali, one of the key speakers at the “Call for Solidarity” event, reminded us of the peaceful teachings Prophet Muhammad(s) led throughout his lifetime; “we should always remind ourselves of the holy prophets life, and remind ourselves that our beloved messenger himself lived peacefully with other communities and religions groups, side by side.”

This is a key reminder to all Muslims, and should also be spread in non-Islamic circles, as the mass media reports about the Islamic religion negatively, highlighting the Islamic religion dangerously, and/or exaggerating sectarian conflicts, which unfortunately have resulted to the Islamic community dividing, not only in the region of the conflict, but worldwide. Being a Muslim today, especially in the West, has become a daunting task to say the least. The events Love Muhammad has been organising have been helping us Muslims, as the events and campaigns remind us of the peaceful Islamic religion we follow.

Love Muhammad has been campaigning for over four years now, to ensure our Islamic communities unite together in our love and adoration for the final Messenger Muhammad(s). “It’s great we have a holy figure who unites us Muslims together. We need to remember that it’s not only our beloved prophet of Mercy who unites us Muslims, but the holy Book and God” said Sheikh Babikir.
The first event organized by Love Muhammad was very successful as over 700 attended the event at the IndigO2. The event also held a poetry competition with 100s of participants competing for a grand prize of £1000. The following year, Love Muhammad held an event at Wembley Stadium, which was attended by up to 1000 attendees and included speeches by top religious and political figures including, Ayatollah Araki, Lord Ahmed Nazir, Farooq Murad, and Tariq Ramadan. The event featured the  “Young Muslim Contribution” Award Ceremony with grand prizes, and ended with a great performance by Saif Adam and Ali Fadhil.

Love Muhammad has partnered with a number of organisations who host various events promoting the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad through talks, discussions, poetry, song, storytelling and social action projects during the month of Rabi Al Awwal each year, as it marks the birth of our holy and beloved prophet Muhammad(s).
Love Muhammad continued in 2015 in the form of a widespread campaign by holding several different events within different Muslim Communities, Mosques, and Islamic Centres across London and across other Major cities in the UK.

The campaign featured numerous high profile community leaders, scholars and speakers and featured numerous activities ranging from charitable food drives for the homeless, poetry competitions, entertainment and song performances by a variety of top artists, as well as a Finale Rose Event, were Muslims spread a message of love by handing out roses in honour of Prophet Muhammad’s birth anniversary.
Following up the campaign in 2015, Love Muhammad went around asking young children “what would you ask prophet Muhammad(s) if you met him?” – which is titled “Meet the Prophet” initiative. Some children were confused, they didn’t know what to ask, while others had many questions and were excited by the thought of meeting him. The Love Muhammad team interacts with all sorts of ages and ethnic groups, ensuring they reach Muslims and non-Muslims throughout Britain and other countries.

The campaign actively seek to bring together Sunni and Shia communities from around the globe with the objective of promoting Unity and introducing the holy Prophet Muhammad(s) as the unifying element, instead of focusing on theological differences. “O mankind! We created you from a single (pair) of a male and a female, and made you into nations and tribes, that ye may know each other (not that ye may despise (each other).” (49:13).
Our beloved prophet Muhammad(s)  is the unifying centre of love where the affections of all humanity are concentrated. Love Muhammad doesn’t only arrange events that Muslims worldwide look forward to attend as we’re gathered under one roof, but Love Muhammad also think of how they can help communities worldwide. In the past, as well as this year, Love Muhammad organised food drives for the homeless ensuring UK citizens have a nutritious meal. In 2016 Love Muhammad collaborated with Shabab Al-Sibtayn (SAS) for and “inspired by Muhammad” campaign. Members from SAS and love Muhammad travelled to Greece Island to help the refugees traveling from war zone countries, hoping they can live peacefully and be safe. The organisers ensured that families who have had a tough experience, and were washed up on the European shores, were being supported by the necessities.
Love Muhammad has drawn the attention of high profile religious figures, politicians, academics, and artists who have supported the campaign through various aspects of contribution and have addressed the Love Muhammad audience in different events.

This year the campaign ended at SOAS university, where numerous high profile community leaders, scholars and speakers attended, with song performances by Pearls of Islam, Ali Fadhil, Faraz Yousufzai, Sukina Pilgrim and Hassen Rasool. “As Muslims,” said Heba Ezzat “we will stand under the banner of the Holy Prophet and show our unity by portraying the true picture of Islam.” Overall, people in the audience were cheerful as they were gaining Islamic knowledge and listening to amazing performances by a variety of top artists. This type of spirit is needed in order for us to go forward to tackle all kinds of extremism and sectarianism, and most importantly to unite. It was beautiful.

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