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Children Corner by Ghazaleh Kamrani

Dear Children, Assalam Alaikum

This month we celebrate a joyous occasion, a wedding anniversary, commemorating the marriage between the ‘best of daughters and mothers’ Fatimah Zahra(s), to the best and closest friend to the Prophet Muhammad, Ali ibn abi Taleb(a).
History marks this day as one of the happiest days in the life of the Prophet.
When Ali(a) finally got the courage to ask the Prophet for the hand of Fatimah, the Prophet went to his daughter and told her:
“Ali ibn Abi Taleb is a person whose closeness to us, his knowledge and his piety is known to you, and I have prayed to God to marry you to the best of His creations, Ali has now asked for your hand in marriage, what is your opinion?”

Fatimah whose piety was known to all, said nothing, just turned her face away in silence. Her face did not seem like someone in disagreement, so the Prophet got up and said: “God is the Greatest; her silence is the sign of her satisfaction.”

The Prophet knew this was the Will of God, and his thoughts were confirmed by the angel Jibra’il who informed the Prophet that God wants ‘Muhammad to marry his daughter to Ali(a)’.
It is said that the Prophet told Ali if you didn’t exist; there would be no one suitable for Fatimah.
Ali(a) was not a rich person, so the Prophet set a dowry for her daughter that he was sure Ali(a) would be able to pay. The Prophet married his daughter to Ali(a) with a dowry of 500 silvers. Ali’s coat of mail was worth a lot of money, so his friends took it to the market to sell it for him. The Prophet took the money of the sale, partly as his daughter’s dowry, some were spent buying a new dress for Fatimah and some stuff for the couple’s home and the rest the Prophet gave to Ali(a) to spend on food for the guests at the wedding.

The Prophet asked Ali(a) to gather people at the mosque for the marriage ceremony. He himself performed the nikah marriage ceremony. He explained to Ali(a) how the angel Jibra’il descended on him bearing a message from God that he should marry Fatimah to Ali with 500 pieces of silver and asked him if he was ok with this. Ali(a) replied, “Oh Messenger of God I am happy with this.”
The people congratulated the couple and then the Prophet conducted his sermon and performed the wedding ceremony, starting a fruitful union.

Earlier in the day the Prophet arranged that a new dress be bought for Fatimah(s) for the wedding ceremony. The same night that the dress was gifted to her, a poor person came to the door and asked for clothes. Fatimah(s) had two sets of clothing, one a brand new one gifted to her for her wedding and another that she wore and had seen better days. She wanted to give the old dress but she remembered a verse from the Qur’an: “One would not reach the maximum piety if she does not give in charity from what she likes.” (3:92) So she took off her new dress and gave it to the woman.

It is said that on the same night, angels came to the Prophet bringing another salutation from God and a gift, but this time it was a salutation for Fatimah(s) and a new dress to replace the one she had given away.

Illustration by Ghazaleh Kamrani

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