Issue 33 – March 2016

In This issue:

p.4 Prophecy, Yesterday and Today – Report on the annual interfaith conference

p.6 Abraham: A role model and guide of Mankind

by Hujjatul Islam Dr Mohammad Ali Shomali

p.8 Dialogue Of Religions Or Clash Of Civilisations?

p.10 Masters in Islamic Studies at the Islamic College

p.12 Inner Contentment; How can we find it in this turbulent world?

by Julia Khadija Lafene

p.14 How much Love? by Batool Haydar

p.16 Art by Moriam Grillo

p.18 ‘Zika’ – The globetrotter virus by Laleh Lohrasbi

p.20 The 37th Anniversary of the Victory of the Islamic Revolution of Iran

Conference raps extremism and sectarianism

p.22 Sahifah Al Sajjadiyah: A Guide for a Spiritual Life –

Conference report

p.25 Children Corner by Ghazaleh Kamrani

p.26 What & Where – Listing of Events

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