islam today – July 2016 – Issue 37

In this issue:

*Shi’as and Sunni scholars keep up the momentum

*Pre-Ramadan religious scholars’ meeting
Islamic Centre of England – London

*Personhood, virtue and moral cultivation
A Christian-Muslim workshop – Germany

*Imam Khomeini and the Status of Women
19th International ‘Imam Khomeini Conference’

Islamic centre of England

*Farewell to Ramadan
by Dr Mohammad Ali Shomali

*Passing Away of a Pious Academician
Tribute to Hujjatul-Islam wal-Muslimin Dr Muhammad Jafar Elmi

by Moriam Grillo

*Teaching with Ethics

*A journey to Chile
Hujjatul-Islam Sayyed Mohammad Razavi’s visit to Chile

*Conscience vs the might of the state
by Revd Frank Julian Gelli

*Diet & mental health
by Dr Laleh Lohrasbi

*Children Corner
by Ghazaleh Kamrani

*What & Where
Listing of events

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