Islam today issue 42 December 2016

In this issue

**The birth of the ‘Praised One’

**Love in Religions>>Dr Shomali‘s speech – at the University of Oxford

**Hawza in a Nutshell – Learning about the ‘bigger picture’>> by Ezra Hashme

**An interreligious visit to the Hawza Ilmiyya of London>>by Roberto Catalano

**Art – One to One with Hatiq Mohammad- Do try this at home – Scribble drawings -Engage – The Royal Academy of the Arts>> by Moriam Grillo

**Baking; the Islamic ways >> by Maryum Jannat

**Islamic Art & the Supernatural >>Review by Cleo Cantone

**An Islamic perspective on Cremation>> by Abbas Di Palma

**The Vatican worries about the ashes of the dead>> By Revd Frank Julian Gelli

**How man’s best friend can become his worst enemy>>by Laleh Lohrasbi

**Children Corner- Unity Week>>by Ghazaleh Kamrani

**What & Where – Listing of events


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