In this issue

P.3 Sunni and Shi‘a brothers in faith, travel to Iran-
by Dr Muhammad Adrees,


p.6 UK Shi‘a scholars and preachers discuss ways to present Islam –
by Fatima Muhammad,


P.8 Exploring Contemporary Muslim Art, Culture and Heritage in Britain,
The Place to Be,
by Moriam Grillo,


P.10 Making Muharram Matter –
by Batool Haydar,


P.12 The Blessing of an Honourable Family-
by Kubra Rizvi,


P.14 A short summer course on Interfaith Engagement: In Theory and Practice-
Fiera di Primiero, Italy from 25-30 August 2017,


P.18 Faith & Learning-
Christian Muslim Forum Twinning Event –
by Reza Murshid,


P.20The Protestant Reformation: state versus church?-
by Revd Frank Julian Gelli,


P.22 Mimar’s Moldovan Military Masterpiece-
Travel Guide to Muslim Europe by Tharik Hussain,


P.24Karbala and the day of Ashura-
Children Corner-
by Ghazaleh Kamrani,

P.26What & Where –
Listing of Events

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