In this issue

p.3   A retreat with a difference, A visit to the Focolare Centre
Report by Veronique Khasa

p.4    Raising Tomorrow’s Community, Workshops for Islamic educators in the West

p.8    The 28th commemoration of the demise of Ayatollah Khomeini, Report by Ladan Razeghi

p.10   High-Tech Mummy- No-Tech Baby, by Batool Haydar

p.12   Art, by Moriam Grillo

p.14   Renouncing the world; By Abbas Di Palma

p.16   The importance of loving children, by Kubra Rizvi

p.18   Jerusalem/Al-Quds: Bond between faiths or bone of contention? by Revd Frank Julian Gelli

p.20   Humourism: myth or truth? by Dr Laleh Lohrasbi

p.22   A stunning ode to the pain of devsirme, by Tharik Hussain

p.24   Al Quds Day, By Ghazaleh Kamrani

p.26   Listing of Events

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