In this issue

p4 Travelling for Peace
Report on visits of Sheikh Shomali to Canada and Switzerland

p8 Back to Basics: A life less complicated
by Batool Haydar

p10 Art
Journeying to God
In the Spotlight
In reference
My favourite things
by Moriam Grillo

p12 Historical and religious aspects of Hajj
by Abbas Di Palma

p14 The Purpose of Marriage
by Kubra Rizvi

p16 The Father of Monotheistic Faiths
by Revd Frank Julian Gelli

p18 Muhammad ibn Zakariya al-Razi; the magical
alchemist of all eras
by Laleh Lohrasbi

p20 Starving in a rich world
By Hannah Smith

p22 Travel Guide to Muslim Europe
The pining palaces of Portugal
by Tharik Hussain

p24 Children Corner
Journeying to God
By Ghazaleh Kamrani

p26 What & Where
Listing of Events

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