In this issue

Special Edition issue 65 March 2019

6 The fellowship of faiths
8 Overtures for dialogue; The Roman Catholic Church on Islam and Muslim

10 A Thriving Islamic Community: Leading by example
12 ‘Tabletalk’: Christians and Muslims in conversation
14 ‘Unity and Tolerance in a Multicultural Society’
16 Monks and Muslims; towards a global Abrahamic community
20 Hujjatul-Islam Dr Mohammad Ali Shomali at ICEL Press Conference
21 Meeting for a Common Good
22 Prophecy, Yesterday & Today

24 Abraham: A Role Model and Guide for Mankind
26 Inclusiveness as a strategy for preventing and countering radicalisation
28 The Impact of Christian-Muslim Relations on World Peace
31 World Peace and Christian-Muslim Relations
32 The 7th Catholic -Shi‘a Dialogue Qum & Mashhad – Iran

35 Visit the ‘Instituto Universitario Sophia’
35 Muslims and Christians continue building bridges through dialogue

36 Personhood, virtue and moral cultivation A Christian – Muslim workshop
38 On the Wings of Unity
42 Shi‘a Muslims & the World Council of Churches
46 Palermo: a historical host
48 Identity & the Other
50 Understanding God’s Plan
54 Interfaith meeting at Lambeth Palace
56 A visit north of Hadrian’s Wall
58 The power of religion in motivating people
60 Love in Religions, the cutting-edge issue
62 Beyond just a dialogue
66 Can we call ourselves ‘one faith’?
68 Among Brothers and Sisters of Different Faiths
74 Special Award for Interreligious: Islam and Christianity
75 Going North of the Border
76 Dr Mohammad Ali Shomali’s speech at The Scottish Parliament
76 Travelling across the pond
78 Scotland: Giving Unity Wings
80 Interfaith Engagement; theory and practice
84 A retreat with a difference – Welwyn Garden City
86 Travelling for Peace
90 ‘Wings of Unity’: Theory and practice
94 Faith & Learning
96 “Unity of God – Unity in God”
100 Building Peace: The Culture of Interreligious Dialogue
102 Visits to Canada, Scotland and the Netherlands

104 Visit Scotland
105 Trip to the Netherlands
106 Seeing the face of God in other religions
107 The Rights of Children
108 Imam Husayn’s Message for humanity
110 Wings of Unity: Effective and Affective Dialogue
112 Jerusalem, History, Theology and International Law
116 Visit to Canada – The Wilfrid Laurier University Waterloo
118 Humbleness: A Christian perspective
120 Humbleness: An Islamic perspective
122 The importance of relating to others
124 Together on the Wings of Unity

128 Wings of Unity@ History, Methodology & Outcomes
132 On Emptiness – a Christian perspective

134 How to empty ourselves -an Islamic perspective
136 Suffering and Unity: An Islamic Perspective
140 The role of the ‘Word of God’ in our life
142 How Christians engage with the scriptures
144 Justice/Fairness – an Islamic presentation
146 Talk on Justice – a Christian presentation
148 Interfaith youth camp in Scotland
150 Lady Mary in the Qur’an
154 Week of Unity – Muslims & Christians

Islam Today issue 65 (Special Issue) is dedicated to the interfaith work undertaken by the Islamic Centre of England over the past few years. Download the full pdf here:

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