In this issue

P.3 Visits to Canada, Scotland and the Netherlands-Report on Dr Shomali’s various visits

p.6 ‘Seeing the face of God in other religions’- Trinity Lutheran Church – Edmonton

p.7 The Rights of Children – The 4th Peace & Unity Conference

p.8 Imam Husayn’s Message for humanity- Arbaeen procession – Rotterdam

p.10 Uniting the Ummah and inspiring towards Islam through love of the Ahlul Bayt(as) – by Hannah Smith

p.12 Art -by Morriam Grillo

p.14 To be a Woman by Batool Haydar

p.16 The popular and religious practice of Istikhara  by Abbas Di Palma

p.18 The Gospel of Jesus’ Wife by Rvd Frank Julian Gelli

p.20 Lifesaving skin replacement by Laleh Lohrasbi

p.22 Europe’s only Arabic language by Tharik Hussain

p.24 The nurse of Karbala by Ghazaleh Kamrani

p.26 List of Events

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  1. please help me understand the way of ALLAH call: 07443522956.

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