Haqq & Batil (Falsity & Verity)

by Ezra Hashme

Oh Batil! Where art thou?
To bottle you, my ultimate goal now.
To sell? Oh no,
but to quarantine somehow!

I wondered up and down,
The whole world around,
Witnessed from you, not even a sound,
Whatever I perceived, in it was found:

Haqq and haqq, and nothing but haqq.
Before it haqq, after it haqq,
Beneath it haqq, above it haqq,
Between it haqq, in-between it haqq,
Beside it haqq and through it haqq.

Shame on me!
For I did not see,
Batil only resides in ME

Batil, not a creation of Thy Lord,
Could I have created such a fraud?
YES! Tis I who gave you life,
Tis I who gave you breath,
Tis I who gave you strength,
Tis I who kindled fire,
Tis I who is set to burn…

My heart in pain and hurt,
Upon which the Battle with batil fought.
In a deep hole, a trap, my soul caught,
Only you dear haqq, oh! Allah can sort.

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