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Dear Children, Assalam Alaikum

It is winter and we are thankful to God for all the rain and snow that it brings. When we talk about the winter season, we immediately think of cold weather, rain, wind and if we are lucky, beautiful white snow. Children can’t wait to make snowmen and snowballs so to play with their friends. You might not believe it, but not everybody in the world has cold and snowy winters.

Look at image 1 that our illustrator Ghazaleh has drawn.

It illustrates a lovely white and cold winter. Children have heavy coats on, with gloves, hats and scarves to keep them warm, while they play in the snow. Some children play with snowballs while others ride on sledges. Children have also made two snowmen. With their colourful hats and scarves, the snowmen seem very happy.But now look at image 2.


It’s another park, with children in a different country. They are not wearing heavy coats, they’re eating ice cream, and there is no snow or any snowmen. Both images are related to now, the winter season. But why is winter cold on one side and warm on the other? It’s because our Earth is wobbly. The Earth turns around itself and around the Sun. The Earth is always ‘pointing’ to one side as it goes around the Sun. Sometimes the Sun is in the direction that the Earth is pointing, but not at other times. So there is different heat and sunshine in different parts of the world. Earth either point towards the sun which means it is ‘summer’, or turns away from the sun which means it is ‘winter’. In between it is Spring and Autumn. When the North Pole (the top part of the Earth) is pointing towards the sun, then it is summer in the countries in the North of the Earth (Northern Hemisphere) and winter in countries in the south (Southern Hemisphere). But when the North Pole turns away from the sun, then it is winter in countries in the North of the Earth (Northern Hemisphere) and summer in countries in the south (Southern Hemisphere). Why is winter so cold? Because in winter the days are shorter and the nights longer. There is more time for the sun to warm us during the long summer days. And short winter days have long, cold nights. I hope you enjoy the winter and remember to keep warm.


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