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The birth of the Awaited One

This month we are celebrating the birth of Imam Al Mahdi(aj)  ‘the guided one’.

Imam Mahdi is considered the last holy guide and direct descendant of the Prophet Muhammad(s) through the line of his daughter Fatima(a) and his cousin Ali ibn abi Taleb(a).

His full name is Muhammad ibn Hasan. His role will be to establish peace and justice throughout the world at an appointed time known only to God.

His birth was surrounded by secrecy as the authorities of his time were trying to capture him.  By Gods’ decision, despite the strict observation he was placed under, he survived but has been kept safe and out of the public eye since then. The date of his birth was the 15th of the Islamic month of Sha‘ban.

While we wait for God’s order to allow him to start his mission, every year on this date we celebrate his birth, and try to do everything we can that pleases him and avoid doing things that displease him.

This year the birthday of Imam Mahdi(aj)  falls on Friday 12th May.

On this joyful occasion the team of islam today would like to congratulate all of, children and adults and to mark the occasion, Ghazaleh Kamrani our illustrator, has drawn two images showing adults and children celebrating the Imam’s birthday in a mosque. She has also left some differences in both images for you to find. Have fun finding them.



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Ghazaleh Kamrani

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