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Dear Children, Assalam Alaikum

I don’t need to tell you how important playtime is for children. Children should be encouraged to play and have a joyful time. You have to make use of your childhood, playing and sometimes creating a mess. You need to experiment, but you also need time to study. If you don’t do well in one subject at school you should try again and again until you get better.

As an adult, I can now say how important it is for all children to have a chance to go to school, learn and do the best they can. If you work hard now, you can guarantee a good future for yourself.

These days most children have computer games at home. When we were kids, there were no such things, so we were outdoors playing; riding bicycles…and when we finally came indoors we looked forward to listening to stories, told by our parents or grandparents. They would tell us about their experiences and remind us what would happen if they were naughty. Things were much simpler. These days’ kids are more familiar with how to use computers and play digital games than holding a book in their hands and reading from it.

This month, Ghazaleh Kamrani, our illustrator is reminding us of a very important thing that children should do. If you look at image 1, you will see two little brothers, they both love computer games. But the younger boy is also interested in books. His father is reading a story to him. Look at him, he is laughing away while his brother is totally absorbed in his computer game. He looks angry and frustrated. Perhaps he is losing to the computer. It is a pity that he does not look happy.


Image 2 shows that while he is playing on the computer, he notices his brother and father having a lovely time reading the story from the book. Although he does not want to leave the game, he is wondering what they are reading that is so enjoyable.




Finally, image 3 shows his curiosity got the better of him so he decides to abandon his computer game and go and listen to the interesting story his father was reading. Now he is laughing too and I am glad he did it.

The book is a wonderful friend, and if given a chance, it can entertain you much more than any computer games. The book can make you laugh, can tell you stuff that you never knew, can take you to imaginary places, where you can become the hero of the story. This month, give a book a chance. Let it take you somewhere wonderful.


Ghazaleh Kamrani

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