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Motherly Love by Ghazaleh Kamrani

The love and kindness our mothers show us, is not something that we can easily understand.  Unfortunately, some children do not always appreciate how much their mothers have to sacrifice in order to look after their children. Some mothers have to give up their study, work, hobbies and social life. Some children take their mothers for granted and think this is what mothers do, what else are they supposed to do?

It is one thing wishing to do something, but another having to do it. People have to study and work if they want to survive in this world. They need to be in contact with other people, family and friends and spend time with them. But parents who decide to have children, and God willing are blessed with them, might have to put a stop to things they would normally do. When a mother has a child to look after, she may have to make hard decisions, changing her priorities.I remember my mother and all those mothers who gave up their work to look after their children, or those who had to give up their study to look after their new-born babies. However, these are not the only things mothers do.

This month our illustrator, Ghazaleh Kamrani, has drawn a picture of a caring mother. (image 1).  It is late at night, her little boy is poorly and she looks very worried. She did not go to sleep and will stay awake till morning if she needs to. Every time her son feels pain, she will comfort him, give him medicine, hold his hands and pray for him. As the years go by she will continue to do so every time it is required for any of her children.


Children have their own way of showing their love and appreciation for their mothers. Look at image 2. Here the boy of our story is better. He is not bedbound and can move around and play. He remembers how kind and caring his mother was to him during his illness. He remembers when his mother stood awake with him all night. He now wants to thank her for the kindness she has shown him.
First he thought of buying her a present, but he has no money. However he is determined to give her the best thing ever. After a couple of days thinking, he decides to give his mother the one thing he likes most. One thing that he is never separated from. His favourite toy.
He finds a ribbon, wraps it around the toy and one morning while his mother is cooking in the kitchen, he surprises her with his lovely present. His mother is indeed pleasantly surprised. She did not expect this at all. She is so happy that she forgets all the hard work and sleepless nights she has had.

Although our mothers do a lot for us, and we might never be able to replace their kindness, remember, even one small act of appreciation can show them that we do understand all they do for us, all the kindness they give and all those other selfless actions that we know nothing about.
Take care of your mothers. They are like angels appointed by God to look after you.

Illustration by Ghazaleh Kamrani

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