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Children, it is the time of the year when Muslims all around the world fast. Yes, the holy month of Ramadhan has arrived. According to Islamic principles all Muslims who have no health issues or are not travelling should fast. But children only need to observe this rule from the age of the religious obligation.
Here, the boy of our story Ali Akbar, is only seven but he is insisting on starting a full fast (not eating or drinking from dawn to sunset). His parents allowed him to try for a couple of days but half way through the day he became weak and felt sick. His parents have asked him to eat during the day, but he refuses to eat. Ali Akbar believes that if he fasts then just like adults who perform their religious customs he would be a good Muslim. Therefore he has decided to fast no matter what. He is right in thinking performing his Islamic rituals is good for his soul but God knows better. He has ordained a rule but with its own conditions. Ali is performing his prayers, but fasting, especially during these long summer days has proved difficult and dangerous for his health.
Ali Akbar says he wants to receive Savab (blessing) of God by fasting and performing daily prayers. That is all fine but fasting needs other strength that he hasn’t got at the moment. His parents, who appreciate his anxiety, have come up with a noble idea. They’ve told Ali Akbar that they are proud to have a child who loves God so much and yearns to gain His blessings, but at the same God does not want little boys such as Ali Akbar to get ill by fasting when they are not ready to do so.
“So we have come up with an idea which earns you equal blessing”, they told Ali Akbar. “There are different ways to gain God’s blessing in this holy month. For example if someone gives food to a fasting person to open his fast (iftar) that person earns blessings of God as much as a fasting person. So when we go to the mosque for iftar, why don’t you help in giving food out to the people who fasted so you get the blessings of God too?”
Ali Akbar thought about their suggestion, and accepted it. He said: “Ok this year I will try to get the blessing of God this way.” From that night on he went along with his parents to the mosque and was the first person to offer his help to the organisers who were giving food to the fasting people.

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