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A messy room!

Children do you remember Ali Akbar? Ali Akbar is a 7 year old boy, trying to be a good person. But he sometimes gets bored and tired of being a good boy. Or at least this is what he says. You can see the result of his behaviour by the state of his room. Oh dear! Look at that room. When was the last time anyone tidied this room up.
Ghazaleh the illustrator of this story has told us that in fact Ali Akbar’s mother is constantly tidying up his room for him. So I wonder why the room still looks
such a mess.
Apparently tonight they have family members coming to visit them so the mother is busy preparing dinner. His father is helping with homework his sister Anbar, and his younger brother is too young to even to allowed into such a messy room. His mother has made it clear that none will help him to tidy up his room as it is his responsibility.
Children can you imagine what a bad situation he let himself into? He is desperate for help as his cousin Javad is coming too. Ali Akbar would be embarrassed to let him near his room.

So bad is the situation that he can’t even find his favourite toys anymore. He does not remember where he has put them. His rocket, his lovely books and colourful car, where are they?! He keeps asking himself. His mother is keeping well clear of the room but feels sorry for him as everybody else is busy. He is really on his own. But Ghazaleh is now telling us that Ali’s mother is asking if any of us would be willing to help him, only this time, to find his toys and tidy up his room, then Ali Akbar will promise never to let his room to get into such a state and not to create double work for his mother. Now we are wondering if any of you is prepared to help him, mind you only this once.
Ghazaleh has drawn a picture of all the toys and stuff Ali Akbar cannot find. Look on the right. All you have to do is to find these items on the image 1 (the one on the left) and mark them with a pencil. But you have to be quick, his cousin is coming soon, and  he has to find his stuff pretty fast.
Let’s help him.

Then you can see how happy he will be when you find his stuff. Look at his face in the image 2 he is already smiling.
Thank you for your help.

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