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Anbar is praying

Anbar is only seven. As a Muslim girl she has decided to start praying as Muslims do, to get into the habit of performing her Islamic rituals from an early age. But there is a problem with the way she is performing her prayer. Our illustrator Ghazaleh Kamrani has made it visible for us in her drawings. Anbar’s problem is that her hair is showing through her headscarf. Looking at image 1, it shows that her hair is out. Now let’s look at image 2. She has realised what to do. Her hair is not showing and her scarf (Julbab) is now covering her hair properly.
Ghazaleh has captured this difference so as to explain how Anbar should dress while praying. But she has also cleverly left some other differences in each image for you to have fun finding them.

Now without looking at the answers on the left, try to find five differences Ghazaleh has purposely made between these two images.

javab2 EMZA copy


Illustration by Ghazaleh Kamrani

Illustration by Ghazaleh Kamrani

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