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Sahifat ul Mahdi(aj)

His name is al-Mahdi (the Guided One) and God is protecting him. In Shi‘a Imamology he is the one who will redeem this corrupt world and establish divine rule on this [...]

Islamic Belief System

Under the direction of Dr Mohammad Ali Shomali comes this informative outlining and guide to Islam and it’s teachings. Written in a text book like, easy to read [...]

Princess of Rome

Princess of Rome 75 minutes animation A collaboration between Iran and Lebanon Released on 7th May 2015 Director: Hadi Mohammadian producer : Hamed Jafari Writers: Zahraa [...]

The Nostalgic Man of Europe

There has been a tremendous nostalgic romanticisation of the Ottoman Empire in recent years, and the BBC is no exception. The Ottomans: Europe’s Muslim Emperors a [...]
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