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Book review – Islamic Children Books

Up to 4 years of age At The Masjid (Learning Series) By Umm Tariq Illustrated by Heather Greenwood Compass Books (2010) Despite the growth of good quality children’s

Muslims Like Us or Muslims Not Like Us?

If you’re anything like me you might have switched off the telly after watching the BBC’s latest Islamophilic-offering ‘Muslims Like Us’, in the midst of some serious

Sahifat ul Mahdi(aj)

His name is al-Mahdi (the Guided One) and God is protecting him. In Shi‘a Imamology he is the one who will redeem this corrupt world and establish divine rule on this

Islamic Belief System

Under the direction of Dr Mohammad Ali Shomali comes this informative outlining and guide to Islam and it’s teachings. Written in a text book like, easy to read

Princess of Rome

Princess of Rome 75 minutes animation A collaboration between Iran and Lebanon Released on 7th May 2015 Director: Hadi Mohammadian producer : Hamed Jafari Writers: Zahraa

The Nostalgic Man of Europe

There has been a tremendous nostalgic romanticisation of the Ottoman Empire in recent years, and the BBC is no exception. The Ottomans: Europe’s Muslim Emperors a

Why Nations Fail

Acemoglu and Robinson’s Why Nations Fail is a history book written by economists which attempts to tackle the prickly questions of why some countries do better than others?
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