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Open Doors to Knowledge and Faith

Bright weather, warm smiles and heartfelt salams filled the room as the Hawza Ilmiyya of England opened its doors to prospective students on Open Day last Saturday. A record [...]

Social Wilayah Summer Retreat

The Kawthar Learning Circle (KLC) held its Social Wilayah Summer Retreat from 3-6 August 2018 at the Cap-Saint-Jacques regional park in Montreal, Canada. The Social Wilayah [...]

How to Empty Ourselves

This topic might not seem to be a common way for Muslim ethicists and spiritual masters to discuss spirituality. I tried to find something similar like a direct translation [...]

On Emptiness

Emptiness is a very rich concept in Christian spirituality. One of the most famous passages in the New Testament about emptiness is from St Paul, where he speaks about Jesus [...]
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