1979: The Turning Point

“Our divine movement nullified the calculations of the experts…Those who questioned how a bunch of youth working in the bazaars and teachers without having anything could [...]

Need for Religious Harmony

What the world needs today perhaps more than  anything else is an acceptable formula for the  attainment of religious tolerance and harmony.  This is one of the greatest [...]

Civil Society and the rule of law

The notion of civil society is one which continues to be revisited as the human political and social experience gains more momentum. It has claimed more ground in modem [...]

Recognising Other-ism

The noun ‘Orientalism’ describes a whole edifice erected by the West with the express purpose of creating ‘images of the Other’ who, in turn, ‘Help […] to [...]

Saving Mecca from destruction

It is time, and past time, to occupy  Mecca. I am not talking about a disastrous  US occupation, of Iraq and  Afghanistan.  What I am calling for is nothing less  than [...]
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