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Deeds not words

Each stone was lovingly wrapped in paper bearing the   handwritten words:   ‘Rebellion   against tyrants is obedience   to God’  . The missiles were then [...]

HELP! It’s the new academic year

… summer’s long expanse disappears and here you are with no time left for preparation. If this is you, you probably start the academic year feeling ruffled, that you are [...]

Children and Mental Health

Gone are the days of children happily playing outside, discovering the glory of life, restricted only by teatime curfews and pocket money limits. And now it seems that all we [...]

Adjusting to University Life

Any youths throughout the UK are getting ready to face the challenge of starting student life. For some the academic year at university will involve having to leave the [...]

An ethical community

  We all imagine that we know the meaning of ‘community’, a word much bandied about by leaders and politicians who talk about the ‘farming community’, ‘the [...]

Gaza the suffering goes on

    Almost a year after the latest destructive war on Gaza, tens of thousands of Gazans are left with no proper access to basic supplies and remain homeless. Many [...]

The Travel of the believers

  I take off at every opportunity I can, be it with family, friends or alone, exploring, photographing and documenting interesting stuff in exotic destinations and [...]
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