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Hawza in a nutshell

Imagine you are standing outside a mosque, admiring the magnificent architecture; while in awe, many questions arise such as: how was the beautiful building assembled? Now [...]

The Hawza Experience

Allow me to take you through a journey, only a few steps but worth its weight in gold, into a timeless world of knowledge and wisdom acquired from the Holy imams(a). Being a [...]

Islamic Research Foundation

Never before has it been more important to  attain the valuable knowledge bestowed upon  us through the Holy Qur’an and teachings of  the Holy Ahl ul Bayt(a). With this [...]

Deeds not words

Each stone was lovingly wrapped in paper bearing the   handwritten words:   ‘Rebellion   against tyrants is obedience   to God’  . The missiles were then [...]

HELP! It’s the new academic year

… summer’s long expanse disappears and here you are with no time left for preparation. If this is you, you probably start the academic year feeling ruffled, that you are [...]
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