Tens of thousands of pregnant women across South America have been infected with the Zika virus as the outbreak continues to sweep across the Americas. For only the fourth [...]

Global Warming and human health

Global warming is a relatively new phenomenon and often in the headlines. It is regarded as one of the most serious environmental problems of our time and has attracted the [...]

The menace of plastic

We have heard a lot about the harm of using plastic containers and that they can contaminate our food by releasing toxic materials, but most of us do not know why these [...]

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)

Many years ago in London,  I came across an Egyptian  medical student. While I  was dreading the coming  of the British winter, for Mariam who  came from a country with [...]


The pilgrimage to Makkah has become an all year round activity, with large crowds of believers converging on the holy city every month – thus making the city a perfect [...]

The prison within our own mind

Many people at some point in their lifetime experience a disturbing thought. Winston Churchill was famous for his disturbing urges to leap from balconies as well as his urge [...]

In love with flavoured tobacco?

In an effort to find a pastime that does not conflict with their religious beliefs, Muslim youth are lured into the seemingly innocuous hobby of smoking hookah. Laleh [...]

Treating Prostate Cancer

When for the first time on 27th April 2015 the news of developing innovative 3D-printed shields for prostate cancer radiotherapy was published on the internet, the importance [...]

Mother’s milk: a real treasure

The advice for mothers to breastfeed their new born babies was given 1400 years ago by the Qur’an. Today medical science is re-evaluating this practice. Laleh Lohrasbi [...]
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