Effects of sleep deprivation

Most people need seven to eight hours of sleep a  night to function properly. But statistics say one  in three of the world’s population suffers from  poor sleep.  It [...]

Magnesium; Invisible deficiency

Magnesium is the second most important essential minerals for humans. Magnesium is needed for more than 300 biochemical reactions in the body. Without magnesium we could [...]

Summer and insect bites

Imagine desperately waiting for the beautiful warm summer days, relaxing in the garden and enjoying summer evenings with friends and family. You manage to get everything just [...]

Diet and mental health

We all know that there are some foods which are good for reducing cholesterol levels or controlling high blood pressure, or even foods which can help people have stronger [...]

Navigating the world in the dark

Tlind people face lots of challenges coping with daily life. However, despite the challenges, now blind people can read, get educated, browse the internet and have access to [...]
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