1979: The Turning Point

“Our divine movement nullified the calculations of the experts…Those who questioned how a bunch of youth working in the bazaars and teachers without having anything could [...]

From Opulence to Simplicity

It was a cold and misty winter morning  in Tehran when I arrived there one February  morning due to the demise of my  father. It was a sudden and unexpected  trip at a [...]

Migration in the name of Faith

Migration has a special place  in the historiography of the  world’s great religions. The  early histories of Judaism,  Christianity and Islam are replete with  tales [...]

Karbala:From history to epic

“Surely, there is a burning heat in the hearts of the believers with respect to the killing of Husayn that will never cool down!’ Imam Ja`far al-Sadiq(a) Every year [...]
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