How Much Love?

“The day when a man shall flee from his brother, his mother, his father, his spouse, and his children, each one of them on that day will have a concern which will occupy [...]

Inner Contentment

Ask most people what they want most in life and they will probably reply ‘happiness’: ask them the meaning of ‘happiness’ and they may well refer to material and [...]

Love; The core of Islamic Ethics

Islamic ethics is the code of morals that a believer follows in their daily life. That is the total code of conduct that shapes his life and guides him through this world [...]

5 ways to get closer to God

It is the never-ending pursuit of any God-fearing  Muslim to get closer to his Lord and establish a  relationship and connection with Him. The problem  many Muslims face [...]


It is not uncommon to hear people  say “How fast Muharram has come  and gone!” after the day of Ashura,  the day on which the grandson of  the Prophet and his family [...]

Travelling Light

I recently had to pack all my worldly possessions and move to a new country. When I mentioned to family, friends and colleagues that I was migrating, the response I got most [...]

The Power of Tawhid

We all think we know the meaning of ‘Tawhid’ (Oneness) Oh yes –La ilaha illa Allah – there is only one God and nothing should be associated with him or worshipped [...]

The Politics of Austerity

In 2009, David Cameron promised   an “Age of Austerity” to combat   the ill-effects of the worst financial crisis the world has ever seen.   In practice, this meant [...]

LOVE within and without

Grief, anger and hatred: All these negativities damage the human body and soul, and even give rise to decay. That is the reason why so many people on the streets look [...]
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